Hi, I’m Gloria Zarate, owner of Yummy Pie Babies. I love to bake, have since I was a little girl (many moons ago). My dad was a baker, and although he took a different career path to support his family, he continued to bake at home. As soon as I was old enough, I became his helper. I have wonderful memories of those moments through which, like my dad, I developed a love for baking. One of my favorite life pleasures is to bake favorite sweet treats for the people in my life.

After thirty-plus years of being in the corporate world I wanted to make a change, but what? The answer came at our local food truck night. My husband and I enjoy food truck events, not just for the food, which can be quite tasty, but more so for the community. The people attending these events are as diverse as the foods being offered, and just by being there, you immediately share a common interest. It’s like a neighborhood block party.

And so the dream for Yummy Pie Babies was born, it began with a bake truck to create and serve delicious comfort desserts for your enjoyment. It was a lot of work and we loved the food truck community. Funny thing was most of our business was from catering so we decided to restructure the business and focus on catering. Our beautiful truck is no more, but I have nothing but fond memories of those days.

Remember what it was like to sit on the curb with your friends, enjoying a sweet treat? Well, those are the feelings and memories I want to bring to you with my desserts, carefree everything is right with the world moments. I invite you to bite into one of our sweet treats and be a kid again. Recall old memories or create new ones with your loved ones.

We look forward to serving you.



Quality Ingredients

Yummy Pie Babies is a small-batch mobile bake shop serving individual size desserts made from scratch and baked fresh daily. All of our delicious treats are made with the finest quality ingredients including, gourmet chocolate, vanilla, and butter. We do not use preservatives, and buy local and organic when possible.


Why Individual Size?

Many of you are disciplined and can stop at one serving. I, unfortunately, am not so disciplined when it comes to sweets. I will return to the fridge for ‘one more bite’ until I’ve eaten it all. I began baking individual serving desserts so I could have the whole pie without over indulging. Soon it became clear that beside guilt-free indulgence, there are other benefits to individual size treats. The smaller size is just right for kids. Adults love the smaller desserts for entertaining. They are perfect for:

• Date Night
• Dessert Tables
• Just Because
• Meetings & Office Functions
• Personal Gifts
• Portion Control
• Social Gatherings
• Special Celebrations